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September 22, 2023
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Russia-Ukraine war live: ‘key thing now is speed and volume’, says Zelenskiy as allies commit to tanks

‘Today is a day of extremely good news for Ukraine,’ says president; Germany’s decision paves way for other European nations to supply tanks

Kyiv residents have also been urged to head to shelters amid air raid alarms, according to presidential advisor Anton Gerashchenko.

The Zhytomyr governor, Vitaliy Bunechko, has also posted an air raid warning on Telegram. It is currently just before 8am in Ukraine.

WARNING! There is a threat of a missile attack! Now it is necessary to reduce the load on the energy system of the region and the country as much as possible. This will allow energy companies to better prepare for emergency situations. Turn off all unnecessary electrical appliances! Be prepared for emergency power outages! Do not use elevators. ‼️ Do not ignore the air alarm signals. Take care of yourself and your loved ones, stay in shelters. We believe in our air defense and Victory!”

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