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September 29, 2023
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Russia-Ukraine war: Ukraine says enemy equipment destroyed in Makiivka attack; Zelenskiy warns of Russian campaign of drone attacks – live

Russia concedes 63 of its soldiers died in New Year’s Day strike; protracted campaign of Iranian drones designed to ‘exhaust’ Ukraine

A number of prominent Russian pro-war bloggers and commentators acknowledged the attack on Makiivka, with many suggesting the number of casualties was higher than the figures officially reported.

“What happened in Makiivka is horrible,” wrote Archangel Spetznaz Z, a Russian military blogger with more than 700,000 followers on Telegram.

Who came up with the idea to place personnel in large numbers in one building, where even a fool understands that even if they hit with artillery, there will be many wounded or dead?” he wrote. Commanders “couldn’t care less” about ammunition stored in disarray on the battlefield, he said. “Each mistake has a name.”

Housing personnel in buildings instead of housing them in shelters directly aids the enemy. From the situation in Makiivka it is necessary to draw the toughest conclusions,” wrote Andrey Medvedev, an ultra-conservative journalist who is deputy chairman of Moscow’s city parliament.

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