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May 28, 2023
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Covid news live: Omicron carries lower hospitalisation risk, studies suggest; China locks down city of 13 million

Data from the UK and South Africa suggest Omicron carries a reduced risk of hospitalisation and severe disease; Xi’an, China, is under strict lockdown following 52 new infections

The premier of Australia’s most populous state of NSW, Dominic Perrottet, addressed the media on Thursday to confirm masks will be mandated for inside areas and density limits would also be imposed.

As of midnight tonight, we will be requiring that masks are worn in indoor settings.

We are encouraging people, particularly over the holiday period, if you can work from home, please work from home.

In addition to that, we’re encouraging people not to mingle and when you’re out and out at a restaurant or cafe and a pub or a club, please where possible don’t mingle.

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